How to Stop JUUL Pods from Leaking

How to Stop JUUL Pods from Leaking

It’s occurred to most of us – we’re having fun with a pleasant, enjoyable vaping session with our trusty JUUL, and all of the sudden, one among two issues occurs: both we find yourself with a mouthful of vape juice, or we notice that our system isn’t hitting correctly, so we take away the cartridge to find that it’s leaking e-liquid onto the battery.

Leaks are annoying and messy, to say the least.  Further, they imply that we’re squandering precious vape juice.

What is a JUUL System?

The JUUL system is straightforward, simple to make use of, transportable and low-maintenance, making it one of the desired vaping programs of all time.  But simply because it’s easy doesn’t imply that it’s incapable of supplying you with bother every so often.  All {hardware} can provide the occasional problem, which is why it’s necessary to have a good suggestion of the way to repair issues as they arrive up. One of essentially the most generally reported issues that JUUL customers run into occasionally is a leaking pod.

Why JUUL Pods Can Leak

JUUL pods are designed to be safe, however sadly, there are lots of issues that we, the customers, can try this trigger them to leak e-liquid.  One of the primary causes is pulling too arduous.  Using an excessive amount of drive to soak up a success could cause the e-liquid within the pod to come back out via the mouthpiece, which may go away us with vape juice in our mouths, in addition to leaks that run down the edges and onto the connections.

Another trigger is manipulating the pod by squeezing it too arduous.  This can loosen the seal that retains the e-liquid contained.  Further, if there’s an issue together with your machine, the e-liquid can leak on account of connection interference that modifications the best way through which the liquid vaporizes when a success is fired via pulling on the mouthpiece.

Preventing JUUL Pod Leaks

Before we break down one of the best strategies for stopping your pods from inflicting leaks, keep in mind that in uncommon instances, a pod will leak as a result of it’s a dud.  In different phrases, the producer produced a pod cartridge that merely wasn’t as much as their regular requirements by chance, so it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s going to leak.  We received’t be speaking about that however somewhat the leaks attributable to improper utilization and storage.

Here are some methods of presumably stop leaks from occurring:

Tip #1: Take Weaker Pulls

One massive purpose for unintentional leaks is hitting the machine too arduous.  The tougher we pull within the vapor, the extra vapor we get.  Therefore, lots of people prefer to take enormous hits once they use their JUUL.  But, when you’re pulling too arduous, you’re drawing e-liquid into the mouthpiece that hasn’t been vaporized by the coil.  So, attempt taking smaller pulls extra steadily than just a few enormous ones.

Tip #2: Keep Your Battery Charged

It’s necessary to maintain your battery charged.  Once it’s within the yellow, it’s time to connect it to your charger.  A low battery could cause leaks in two methods.  One, it can drive you to soak up greater pulls to get sufficient vapor, as low batteries scale back vapor consumption.  Secondly, a weak battery might stop the coil from getting sufficient warmth to vaporize the e-liquid, which can imply that these pulls are pulling out vape juice somewhat than vapor from the pod.

Tip #3: Check the Connections

Check the connections between your pod and machine.  If they’re not connecting to one another correctly, the coil received’t warmth correctly, and so every hit can be drawing e-liquid out of the pod somewhat than vapor.  If the 2 gold connections on the pod are flat towards the cartridge’s base, pull them out barely and take a look at once more.

Tip #4: Don’t Manipulate Your Pod

How you deal with your pod can result in a leak, so attempt to deal with it as little as attainable.  Squeezing it and hitting it may each trigger leaks, and we are likely to do these two issues when there’s an air bubble trapped contained in the vape juice.  Try being extra mild by flicking the pod together with your finger to cut back the danger of leaks.

Tip #5: Store Your Setup Properly

If you’re not storing your setup correctly when it’s not in use, you could find yourself with leaks.  A tool that’s going through upward is much less prone to leak as a result of legal guidelines of gravity, whereas holding it on its facet or upside-down will enhance the pod’s likelihood of leaking.

Tip #6: Don’t Drop Your Device

Finally, attempt to not drop your machine.  We know that accidents occur, however every time you drop your machine, you run the danger of breaking each the machine and the pod cartridge, which may contribute to leaks in several methods.  The JUUL is a extremely sturdy vaping system, however no {hardware} is completely immune to wreck attributable to a tough fall.  Handle your machine fastidiously, and retailer it in a safe location whenever you’re not utilizing it.

Fixing the Leak

So, how does one repair a leaking JUUL?

These are the steps for doing so:

  1. Having a Fully Charge Battery is Key

    Yes, you’ll wanna guarantee that your battery is totally charged. If your battery is working low, you may pull tougher to get sufficient vapor, as a result of the battery isn’t full sufficient to warmth the coil to supply the extent of vapor that you just’re used to. Pulling too arduous, as we mentioned, could cause an excessive amount of vape juice to get pulled out via the mouthpiece.

  2. Remove the Pod from the Device to Examine It

    Make positive that the mouthpiece is safe on the highest. Then, flip the pod upside-down. Check to see if the 2 gold connections usually are not flat towards the pod, as this may intervene with the connection. They must be barely angled outward to make full contact with the battery. If it’s essential to, use your fingernail to softly push them out.

  3. Clean Off Your Pod and Try Using It Again

    If the issue is just not resolved, you must merely exchange the pod cartridge. Sometimes, as soon as a leak happens, it’s too late to repair it, and so there’s nothing that you are able to do apart from use a brand new one. It may be irritating, but it surely positive is best than getting vape juice throughout your palms and in your mouth everytime you wish to get pleasure from a calming vaping expertise.

Note: generally, it may come all the way down to a producing error.  If that is the case, you may attempt contacting JUUL and notifying them of the issue.

Keep Your JUUL Sessions Leak-Free

A leaking pod could cause extra points than merely losing vape juice.  When the pod is leaking, the e-liquid can get into the connections of the battery and pod, interfering with the flexibility for the battery to warmth the coil to supply vapor.  Further, a leaking pod is messy, and may trigger you to finish up with vape juice throughout your palms.

Without a doubt, a leaking JUUL pod will be extraordinarily annoying, particularly when issues get messy.  The excellent news is that there are methods to repair it.  Use this information the subsequent time that your JUUL pod leaks.


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