How to Fill JUUL Pods

How to Fill JUUL Pods

One of the very best issues about JUUL is how handy and user-friendly it’s. The JUUL is an all-in-one, pocket-friendly vaping system that consists of solely two elements: the machine additionally known as a battery or mod, and the pod cartridge.

The JUUL vaping system makes use of pods which are pre-filled with vape juice by the corporate, that simply connect to the machine. This is a welcome characteristic to many vapers, because it signifies that they don’t should manually refill the pod every time the vape juice runs out, as they do with most different pod kits in the marketplace.

If you’re in love together with your trusty JUUL system, however really feel a bit restricted by the flavour choice, you then is likely to be questioning if it’s attainable to fill a JUUL pod with an e-liquid of your selection.  The fact is that JUUL pods might be refilled, technically talking, but it surely includes a course of that should be adopted correctly to keep away from damaging the pod’s structural integrity. 

Why You Would Want to Fill a JUUL Pod within the First Place

Before we focus on whether or not or not that is attainable, let’s clarify why some vapers would need to achieve this to start with. Mainly, it’s as a result of it permits for extra management over one’s vaping expertise. Rather than having to accept the restricted choice of flavors that JUUL produces, the vaper can fill the pod with actually any salt nic vape juice that’s in the marketplace, which lets them to regulate each their taste and their nicotine power.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you go about filling a JUUL pod, there are a number of elements that you just want to remember first.

  • Even in the event you comply with all the steps under, there’s nonetheless a threat of breaking the pod, making it unusable.  Again, it’s because JUUL pods will not be made to be opened by the patron.  Opening them requires utilizing drive, which may trigger some sort of break within the construction.
  • You can solely refill a pod cartridge a few instances, as a result of consistently reopening these elements that aren’t made to be opened will trigger them to ultimately break.
  • Some corporations make refillable pod cartridges particularly for JUUL gadgets.  This could also be a greater various to attempting to open a JUUL pod.
  • If you’re going to refill a pod with an e-liquid of your selection, you could be sure that it’s made with salt-based nicotine, reasonably than freebase nicotine.  JUUL is simply appropriate with salt nic e-liquids, and so utilizing a freebase nic vape juice merely is not going to work.

Process of Filling a JUUL Pod for the First Time

Now, let’s focus on filling a JUUL pod. It is, the truth is, attainable to refill it your self, but it surely requires that you just’re very cautious. Before we break down the steps to filling a JUUL pod with e-liquid, we’d like to debate a extra user-friendly various. Several corporations make JUUL-compatible pod cartridges that work with the JUUL machine however are designed to be refillable. They arrive empty and make it straightforward so that you can fill them with the vape juice of your selecting.

These are the correct steps to take:

  1. Empty Pod

    First, be sure that the JUUL pod is empty.

  2. Locate the Black Mouthpiece Cap on Top of the Pod

    Wiggle it a bit bit between your fingers to softly dislodge the seal. Now, you possibly can gently pull it off. This could require a bit of labor, so be ready to spend a while if wanted.

  3. Once You Get the Mouthpiece Off

    Remove the black plug that’s on the prime, the place the mouthpiece was. This may even require some effort to take away. It’s tiny, and made from plastic, so the prospect of unintentionally breaking it’s pretty excessive, in the event you’re not cautious. Your greatest guess is to make use of your fingernail to pop it off. Make certain that you just don’t lose it, as you’ll have to put it again on whenever you’re completed.

  4. You Now Have Access to the Juice Well Inside the Pod

    To fill it with e-liquid, you’ll want a bottle with a really small spout that may match into that gap. Most salt nic e-liquids have already got this type of spout.

  5. Pouring Time

    Carefully pour the e-liquid immediately into the pod cartridge, filling it nearly to the highest.

  6. Put It All Back Together

    Now, you possibly can put the plug again on, adopted by the mouthpiece, ensuring that each items are connected securely.

Bear in thoughts that this course of ought to solely be completed when your pod is totally empty.  Adding a brand new taste to a pod that also incorporates among the unique vape juice can go away you with a poor taste expertise.

This methodology can solely work a few instances on the identical pod.  Eventually, eradicating these elements that aren’t meant to be eliminated will go away you with a damaged pod that’s now not useful.

Filling a JUUL Pod with Another Compatible Vape Juice is Possible

The JUUL system permits for minimal upkeep, comparable to having to manually refill one’s cartridge. There are some distinctive benefits although, to having the ability to fill a JUUL pod with any vape juice. If you’re somebody who would reasonably have the ability to refill their pod themselves, hold this information on-hand.

However, you should be extremely cautious when taking aside the pod to keep away from breaking it.  Use this information to do it correctly, maintaining all the data mentioned above in thoughts whereas doing so.

Note: JUUL as an organization advises towards this, however that doesn’t imply that it could possibly’t be completed. Before we break down the method, nevertheless, we have to focus on some issues that you must know.


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