CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

Updated 09/06/2020

As extra CBD fans are gravitating towards the world of concentrates, many are simply starting to find the multitude of hemp merchandise and units which are available on the market for this distinctive kind of CBD supply methodology.  Those who’re new to vaping cannabidiol altogether can discover it complicated when phrases like “dabs” “waxes” and “concentrates” are typically used interchangeably, with so many particular kinds of concentrates being accessible to select from, akin to resin, shatter, crumble, rosin and so forth.

To the novice, wax pens and dab pens may sound like the identical factor. And, many mistakenly imagine that they’re. As you’ll see, their variations make it price contemplating every fastidiously primarily based in your particular vaping wants, objectives, and preferences.

What Do Wax Pens and Dab Pens Have in Common?

Both units are technically vaporizers, which permits an individual/vaper to inhale the compounds within the hashish plant with out really taking in any smoke.  They’re each pen-like items which have a chamber into which the focus is positioned.  This chamber is an atomizer. It makes use of a coil to warmth the product to a selected temperature in order that vapor is produced. From there, it’s inhaled by the mouthpiece.  Being powered by a battery throughout the pen permits the coil to be heated safely and correctly.

Both wax and dab pens are transportable vaporizers that may be taken when on the go and are use-friendly.  Also, they will each vaporize wax, as we’ll be explaining in additional element shortly.

Specifics of Each Device

It’s vital to say that wax pens and dab pens are made by all kinds of producers. They additionally are available a beneficiant array of sizes, designs and costs, whereas providing numerous technological options.  In different phrases, there’s no single type of both piece of {hardware}.

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax pen, in brief, is a vaporizer pen meant for vaping wax.  Wax is a concentrated hashish product. It’s made by washing a solvent over the plant materials to create an extraction.  In most instances, the solvent used is butane.  The butane or different solvent bonds with the compounds within the plant and creates a thick wax-like substance.  This substance is extraordinarily concentrated, which means that it’s rather more potent than plant materials by itself.  Wax is only one kind of focus. And, it’s actually the one one {that a} wax pen is designed to deal with.

If you’ve ever seen a typical CBD vape pen, then you definately’ll discover instantly {that a} wax pen seems to be virtually similar.  It tends to have the same dimension and form, and the chamber seems to be extraordinarily similar as effectively.  Most wax pens have a single firing and energy button on the chassis, which is held down when the consumer needs to take successful. 

How Does a Wax Pen Work?

Wax pens are typically easy units.  They are inclined to encompass two primary elements: the battery part and the atomizer part.  The battery is a skinny and lengthy cylinder lined in a sturdy materials, giving it its pen-like design.  Then, the atomizer has a see-through chamber with a coil inside, which attaches to the battery, and has a mouthpiece that the consumer pulls on.

To load a wax pen, the atomizer is opened.  This is both finished by unscrewing the mouthpiece or all the atomizer from the underside, relying on the best way during which the wax pen was designed.  Next, the wax is loaded into the chamber, and the atomizer is reattached.  When the atomizer is heated because the system is fired, the wax melts into an oil, which is then vaporized in order that vapor is set free by the mouthpiece.

With wax pens, there are two methods to make use of them.  One is by manually refilling the cartridge with the wax of your selection.  But many corporations additionally promote cartridges that’re pre-filled with wax.  This means you solely want to connect the pre-filled cartridge to your system, as these units virtually at all times use common connections.  When the wax runs out, merely purchase a brand new cartridge.

What this all means is that it’s best to determine forward of time whether or not you wanna purchase only a wax pen that can be utilized with individually bought, pre-filled cartridges, or a wax pen package, which comes with a refillable, empty cartridge.

What Kinds of Wax Pens are Out There?

Generally talking, wax pens are available fewer varieties than dab pens.  This is as a result of wax pens are easier units that solely vaporize one kind of product, and so the design and technological options don’t have to differ a lot to accommodate a variety of concentrates.  But, nonetheless, there are actually numerous elements to concentrate to when shopping for a wax pen.

Wax pens are available numerous sizes, and most of them are slim and pocket-friendly.  Some are extra superior than others.  The most user-friendly choices function at a single output stage. However, extra superior choices permit to vary the voltage or wattage settings with a easy output dial or button-activated mechanism.

Another method during which wax pens can differ is the dimensions of the chamber.  Some chambers can maintain extra focus than others.

Of course, the standard can differ loads, too.  Durability is a significant component, particularly in case you plan on touring along with your wax pen recurrently.  Hence, you’ll wanna know that the battery throughout the system is excessive in high quality. This is so it will probably final for a very long time.

How Does a Vaper Use a Wax Pen?

Here, we’ll stroll you thru the steps of utilizing a fundamental wax pen system.

Time wanted: 2 hours and half-hour.

  1. Charging the Pen

    When you’re taking your wax pen out of the field, you have to to cost it instantly as it isn’t pre-charged. Use the USB charging cable or charger attachment that comes with the pen and permit it to succeed in a full cost. This shouldn’t take longer than a few hours at most. There can be some indication that the system is finished charging, which is often an LED mild that turns inexperienced. Once this occurs, you possibly can take away the system from the charger, as it’s prepared for use.
    CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

  2. Attach Your Cartridge to the Device

    If you’re utilizing pre-filled cartridges, you possibly can merely screw the cartridge into the system, and also you’ll be all set. If you’re utilizing a refillable cartridge, you’ll have to manually insert the wax. See consumer handbook that comes with system to determine easy methods to entry the chamber. Some are accessed by the cartridge’s backside, whereas others are accessed by the highest. Once you’ve got entry to the chamber, insert your wax and ensure to not overfill. This can get messy, so chances are you’ll need to use some type of instrument like a paper clip to make the switch from the wax container to the chamber, as wax could be very sticky.

    CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

  3. Once Attached

    With the wax correctly inserted into the chamber, shut the cartridge and connect it to your wax pen. Then, you’ll want to show the system on. Each system has its personal methodology for turning on, however it often includes urgent the button a sure variety of occasions. The LED mild ought to mild up as soon as the system is powered, letting you already know that it’s prepared for use.
    CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

  4. Take that Initial Hit

    Hold down the button and convey the mouthpiece as much as your lips. While you’re holding down the button, you possibly can pull within the vapor. If you’re dissatisfied with the standard or quantity of vapor you soak up, and your system has an adjustable output choice, you can also make the required changes till you’re glad.

    CBD Vaping: Wax Pen vs. Dab Pen

What is a Dab Pen?

Because dab pens are much like wax pens many individuals assume that they’re the identical factor.  But the principle distinction is that dab pens can accommodate every kind of dabs, whereas wax pens are solely appropriate with wax.  “Dabs” is one other time period for concentrates. There are quite a few sorts of concentrates on the market. And, every have their very own efficiency and consistency, and are made utilizing a wide range of processes that every one contain concentrating the hashish utilizing some type of superior methodology.  Most widespread sorts of dabs, or concentrates, are shatter, resin, crumble and rosin.  Most individuals put wax into this class as effectively.

Each dab has its personal consistency and stage of focus. That proper there may be why a dab pen is a little more superior than a wax pen. It should be capable to accommodate every of a lot of these concentrates in a method that produces essentially the most satisfying expertise.  Therefore, dab pens are structurally completely different, as they’ve extra superior expertise throughout the system.  Dab pens are typically thicker than wax pens, and a bit heavier too.  They are nonetheless transportable, however simply not as slim and light-weight as wax pens.

Dab pens are inclined to have a extra superior chamber construction as effectively.  Because the chamber should be capable to deal with so many several types of concentrates, the fabric have to be sturdier to accommodate a wider vary of temperatures.  And, dab pens have a tendency to come back with a wider vary of adjustable output choices, as a result of every kind of focus responds greatest to a selected output stage.  This permits the consumer to have the ability to take pleasure in a wide range of concentrates whereas utilizing the identical system, whereas having the best output stage to deliver out one of the best in each.

Note: Dab pens are typically a bit pricier than wax pens on account of being extra technologically superior and sturdy.

How Does a Dab Pen Work?

A dab pen works loads like a wax pen.  It has two primary elements, that are the battery and the atomizer, or cartridge.  The battery tends to be extra highly effective in a dab pen than it’s in a wax pen, and this enables it to succeed in greater output ranges.  The atomizer can be bigger in dimension, as this enables for extra dense or cumbersome concentrates.  And, the atomizer has a mouthpiece.

Within the atomizer or cartridge is a chamber, into which the focus is positioned.  Beneath this chamber is a coil that provides warmth to the chamber, which permits the focus to soften into an oil which is then simply vaporized to be inhaled into the lungs.  The chamber’s coil will get warmth from the ability of the battery.

Like we stated, dab pens are inclined to have extra adjustable options, as a result of completely different concentrates are inclined to vaporize greatest at distinctive output ranges.  So, the consumer will be capable to regulate these output ranges primarily based on the kind of focus that they’re utilizing.

What Kinds of Dab Pens are Out There?

Like wax pens, dab pens are available a big selection of designs, sizes, supplies, costs, and technological options. 

How Does One Use a Dab Pen?

We’ve created a separate information right here: Steps to Using a Dab Pen.  As you’ll see, it’s fairly much like utilizing a wax pen.  However, with dab pens, you’ll not often discover pre-filled cartridges which are appropriate, and so that you have to be ready to refill the chamber manually.

Which Pen-Style is Better?

Ultimately, we at Pure CBD Vapors really feel that dab pens are virtually at all times the best way to go.  This is as a result of they will accommodate wax together with every other kind of focus, whereas wax pens can solely deal with wax.  Further, dab pens are typically extra technologically superior, sturdy, and dependable than normal wax pens due to how they’re made. All this implies is that you simply’ll get higher satisfaction out of utilizing a dab pen.  Finally, dab pens have a tendency to supply a smoother and extra typically pleasant vaping expertise as a result of one can regulate the settings as wanted.

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