CBD Oil UK |12 Best CBD Oil Brands Reviewed (2021)

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CBD oil, also called cannabidiol oil, is extracted from cannabis or hemp plant. It’s used as a natural remedy to treat different ailments is very common in the UK and other parts of the world. CBD oil market is full of different varieties of the product. To help you choose only the best, we have reviewed some UK CBD oil brands.

But let’s first learn the basics of CBD oil, and then choose the more suitable CDB oil product!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also known as Cannabis oil or Cannabidiol Oil, is an extract from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. In the UK, consumers can only buy CBD extracted from the hemp plant.

CBD, unlike THC which can also be found in these plants, does not get you high. CBD has been touted to have a huge array of health benefits such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep and reducing inflammation. Although there is a lot of emerging evidence for a multitude of medicinal claims, there is still a lot of work to do. However, that has not stopped people flooding to CBD oil for it’s health benefits.

While CBD can be referred to as Cannabis oil, it’s not really a suitable term as most CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The Hemp plant is naturally high in CBD and low in THC.

CBD Oil – A General Overview

The use of CBD as a natural treatment has been increasing with time. Although many studies support CBD oil benefits, more research needs to be done to prove its effectiveness. It is commonly used to treat health issues like anxiety, depression, acne, and pain.

The best thing about CBD is that it does not produce a high sensation as THC (another compound present in these plants) does.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD, like other cannabinoids, impacts the biological endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in important body processes. Any imbalance in this system can affect its overall performance. So, people take supplements like CBD to reduce this imbalance and restore its activity.

CBD Oil UK: Legal or Illegal?

In the hemp plant, the concentration of THC is low, while the concentration of CBD is naturally high. That is why sellers can sell CBD oil extracted only from the hemp in the UK. The oil will only be legal in the UK if it has 0.0% THC.

12 Best CBD Oil Brands


1.Orange County CBD MCT Oil

orange country CBD oil
Orange Country CBD oil

Buy Orange Country CBD oil

This laboratory tested CBD oil has a 1,000mg CBD concentration. In addition to CBD, it also contains coconut oil and MCT oil. Orange Country CBD oil has other beneficial cannabinoids in it, as well. They increase its overall effectiveness and value. Taking it in an adequate amount can give many health and wellness benefits.


2.Asylum CBD Oil

asylum cbd oil

Buy Asylum CBD Oil

This pocket-friendly oil has a 1,500mg CBD concentration making it high strength CBD oil. Other than CBD, other cannabinoid components (non-psychoactive) are also present in it. All these components collectively increase the chances of CBD binding into the receptors. You can buy it in any of the three flavours; natural, fruity, and peppermint. Terpenes also have great effects of their own, only adding to the effectiveness of this best selling CBD Oil.


3.Alpinols CBD Oil

Alpinols CBD oil
Alpinols CBD oil

Buy Alpinols CBD oil

Alpinols CBD oil contains 1,000mg CBD, less than 0.2% THC, and other active plant extracts like flavonoid, terpene, and cannabinoid. Its manufacturers claim to use the CO2 cold extraction technology to ensure all the essential components retain their activity.

4.JustCBD Oil

justcbd oil
JustCBD Oil

Buy JustCBD Oil

JustCBD full spectrum oil has 1,500mg CBD in a 30ml bottle. The company also produces in many other concentrations ranging from 50mg to 1,500mg. It has no artificial flavor in it. Important components of this tincture oil include MCT oil, THC (less than 0.3%), flavonoids, and terpenes. It is a useful product for you if you are looking for CBD oil for pain, anxiety, or sleep.


5.CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBDistillery 1000mg CBD Relief
CBDistillery CBD Oil

Buy CBDistillery CBD Oil

This broad-spectrum CBD oil has relieving and relaxing power. 1,000mg CBD present in it relaxes the mind and relieves pain. Other than the CBD, it also has other important cannabinoids to produce an ‘entourage effect’ in the body. It also has coconut oil and THC(less than 0.05%).


6.Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan 5% 1500mg CBD Broad Spectrum MCT Oil
Naturecan CBD Oil

Buy Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan CBD oil has 1,500mg CBD and organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. High-end technologies are used for their extraction due to which CBD present in it is of high-quality. Because broad-spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids, the compounds work together to produce an ‘entourage effect’.


RE:CV:RY 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil 10ml


This is a full spectrum CBD oil containing 1,000mg CBD in a 10ml bottle. It is a mixture of hemp seed oil and Cannabis Sativa L extract. Just like all other CBD oils mentioned in this list, it is also lab tested and contains THC of less than 0%. Its recommended dosage is 3 drops three times a day. You can gradually increase the dose as per the doctor’s advice.


8.Natural Health Goods CBD Oil

Natural Health Goods Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil 10ml
Natural Health Goods CBD Oil

Buy Natural Health Goods CBD Oil

CBD oil produced by Nature Health Goods comes from natural resources. They use verified techniques and methods for its extraction. Its 10ml bottle contains 1,000mg CBD which makes it full-spectrum CBD oil. Its 2 to 4 drops three times a day can bring a positive effect on your overall health. CBD oils are produced in the same family-run European hemp farm. Trusted partners control the process from start to finish, so it’s all traceable from day 1. In this way, they can ensure that only the purest ingredients end up in the final product.

9.Aztec CBD Oil

Aztec CBD oil
Aztec CBD oil

Buy Aztec CBD Oil


Aztec CBD extracts CBD oil from the hemp plant. Their professionals take care of the seeding and complete development of the hemp plant. Their extraction techniques are also well-developed. Each batch goes through a testing procedure because it is made available for public use. It is additives free and contains MCT oil for more effectiveness.


10.Trip CBD Oil

Trip CBD 1000mg CBD Oil With Chamomile
Trip CBD Oil

Buy Trip CBD Oil

Trip CBD has launched its CBD oil in the UK in 2020. It comes in two tasty flavours (orange blossom and wild mint). This flavouring reduces the plant taste and makes its intake easier for the consumer. Trip CBD oil also has Chamomile. This blend is said to enhance calming effects of CBD oil. It’s available in two CBD concentrations. One is 300mg, and the other is 1,000mg.


11.Honest Hemp

Honest Hemp cbd oil
Honest Hemp CBD Oil

Buy Honest Hemp CBD Oil

As one of the leading CBD oil manufacturers in the UK, Honest Hemp provides a range of premium hemp-based products, from CBD edibles to e-liquids and topical solutions. Organically sourced and extracted using the CO2 method to ensure the highest quality. THC concentration is low, making it legal throughout the UK.


12.Loveburgh CBD Oil

Loveburgh cbd oil1500mg
Loveburgh CBD Oil

Buy Loveburgh CBD Oil

Loveburgh CBD oil has a high concentration (1,500mg in 10ml) of CBD, making it super strength oil. It does not have artificial flavouring, but its taste is smooth, natural earthy. It is suitable for those looking for CBD oil for anxiety and strength. Trace amounts of CBG, CBC, MCT, natural terpenes, and ketogenic fatty acids are also present.

What’s the Right Dose of CBD?

After going through this whole list, it is important to know what the healthy amount of CBD oil is. The amount a person takes daily varies from one product to another (due to the difference in CBD strength). Usually, it is suggested to start with 20mg CBD per day and gradually increase its amount to get maximum CBD oil benefits.

Common Forms of CBD

CBD comes in different forms. You can use its any form based on the feasibility.

CBD Oil: In UK, CBD is most commonly taken in the form of CBD oil.

CBD Capsules and CBD Tablets: Another popular form of CBD is CBD capsules and tablets. It is a more feasible way of taking a set dose of CBD.

CBD Cream: CBD creams are used to transmit CBD in the body through the skin. It’s usually applied during massages to give a more calming effect.

CBD Edibles: CBD edibles come in forms like jellies, chocolates, etc. They also have a fixed dose like CBD tablet.

How to Buy CBD Oil in the UK?

In the UK, most people sell CBD as hemp seed oil. Do your homework before buying CBD from any seller. Verify their authenticity, read reviews and their product description. Make sure the oil you purchase has CBD strength or concentration mentioned on the bottle.

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