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CBD Mega Shop sells different types of CBD oil, vape oil e-liquid and CBD vape starter kits. But the question is what is CBD?  What are the benefits of vaping CBD liquid? Can vaping CBD get you ‘high’? Is CBD Isolate/Crystals better than Full Spectrum CBD? What are terpenes?

This elaborate guide should explain everything you need to know about CBD oil, Vape Oil and all other CBD Products sold in UK.


It has been perceived that it is innate for man to be credulous which most often is the case for people who hopelessly seek to further lengthen lives of their loved ones. 

An introduction of a new product is often received with skepticism, however, if it is a drug, there is curiosity but mere positive testimony is enough to convince people of its efficacy.  

In this article, we will investigate the latest rage for wellness enthusiasts that is CBD. Yes, it is the Cannabis-based treatment that has now become synonymous with a wonder drug. It is known as Cannabidiol or popularly called CBD.

The CBD is industrially grown which is a product of a type of cannabis that we often call as hemp.  However, unlike the other product of cannabis which is popularly known substance or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has no same psychoactive effect that causes a state of excitement or high. 

CBD has market potential

The introduction of CBD has become controversial that there is a public clamor for products that have CBD. Manufacturers have now jumped in when they learned that CBD has good potential in the market. 

A lot of these manufacturers have ventured into producing products that caters to the demands of the public, by infusing CBD into various existing products. They have now made huge profits due to the fast-rising popularity of this commodity. 

These manufacturers have incorporated the substance into a lot of products promising therapeutic CBD ingredient, from CBD flavored lattes in your favorite coffee shops to everyday creams and lotions, you name it. In some parts of the world where the product is legal, they have created products as ordinary as food supplements. 

The Coca-cola soft drinks company had dropped a hint of joining in as well. They are said to develop a drink which is also infused with the wonder substance CBD.

Large companies have now emerged with CBD as their main ingredient for their products. These include capsules, oils, sprays as well as cosmetics and face masks. They also have now infused CBD in edible products such as chocolates, water, and even candies. 

cbd oils

The CBD Oil

The Cannabidiol or CBD Oil is not psychoactive which is sourced from the hemp plant. It does not cause the feeling of high, unlike its cousin THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

The CBD has claimed a lot of potential benefits for the health which are assisted with a growing number of evidence through scientific studies. 

This wonder oil is created by taking CBD straight from the hemp plant. 

A majority number of states in the US where cannabis is legal have also taken advantage of this craze where CBD oil is reportedly now a billion-dollar business. 

There had been reports that there are a number of Hollywood celebs who have become users of CBD oil. It has also been alleged that they had included the CBD oil in goodie bags during Oscars. 

extracting cbd
Extracting CBD Oil

Extracting CBD from hemp

Although there are different ways of how to extract CBD from hemp, the most common method of extracting the CBD from hemp plant is through ethanol extraction. This involves the use of ethanol-based solvent for the CBD to be extracted from the hemp plant. 

There are also CBD Oil producers that use the current popular method that uses the fluid CO2 for extracting the CBD from the hemp plant. This method is commonly accepted in producing the highest quality CBD Oil. This type of extraction is most often highlighted on the more expensive CBD products. 

What are CBD Oil and Cannabidiol?

We have earlier discussed that the CBD oil is taken from the hemp plant and it contains cannabidiol.  It is then processed into a beneficial oil with CBD as its prime content.

There are two different types of CBD oil in the market which are the following:

1.The whole plant or full-spectrum extract. 

The extraction method creates an oil that has CBD for its content and a number of other cannabinoids. 

The full-spectrum CBD Oil contains cannabis terpenes which gives the oil the anti-inflammatory content. It is usually viewed to be the more effective form of CBD for inflammation treatment due to the presence of terpenes.

This type of CBD Oil most often has the presence of THC however, the total amount is immaterial since it is remarkably low.

2. The CBD Isolate

The CBD Oil that is marked as CBD Isolate does not contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes. It only has CBD as its content.

This type of CBD Oil absolutely does not contain THC. It is often labeled as zero THC on its packaging.

Since CBD Isolate has only pure CBD as its content, it is not as popular compared to the full-spectrum CBD Oil. 

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

In the UK the law has changed on, 13th October 2016, to allow CBD products to be recognised as a medicine. A large number of studies have been carried out, and industry standards have been established to ensure the quality and safety of CBD, and protect people’s health. Any licensed CBD containing product can now legally be considered by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to be medicinal. Until today, so far, no official licenses have been given to any CBD products and, and because of this, they are currently legally classified as food supplements.

Is CBD Oil allowed in countries in Europe?

When traveling, it is important to make sure that the CBD infused products can be legally carried and enter the destination. It is always best to get information first before taking the products while traveling.

In the UK and other countries in Europe, CBD oil is legal. Although CBD is produced from the cannabis plant, it does not contain THC. THC is the chemical that gives a psychoactive effect that is responsible for the feeling of euphoric high.

The CBD products instead contain cannabidiol (CBD), as we have mentioned. Other products also include terpenes and flavonoids. These products do not cause the state of being high but are beneficial for the health. 

Other differences between THC and CBD

We have already discussed some of the differences between THC and CBD which includes the psychoactive content in THC that causes the high while CBD only has health benefits for its users. However, there are still notable differences that are worthy to be discussed, as follows:

  • The CBD can be legally purchased and consumed in countries under the European Union. The CBD is no longer a controlled substance since it has already been taken out from the list of the Controlled Substance Act.
  • The THC is not legally allowed in the UK. The THC is still considered a Class B controlled drug, prohibited under the Controlled Substance Act. 

Since it is controlled, it means it is an illegal drug. Should anyone be found in the possession of any substance that has THC for its content, the person is in danger of being criminally prosecuted in the UK.

  • The THC activates more cannabinoid receptors in the body whereas, the CBD does not allow them. This means that both are different compounds as well as they affect the cannabinoid receptors in different manners. 
  • The THC activates the receptors called CB1 and CB2 but CBD does not allow these two receptors to fully activate their effects. By activating these receptors, these caused the psychoactive effect brought by the THC while CBD does not.
  • CBD is beneficial for health which includes treatment for pain, anxiety, and other conditions. Since it does not cause a feeling of being high, acquiring such is legal in the UK and other  European Union countries.

The Part of the Hemp that is Used in CBD Oil

The CBD oil uses the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. These contain a higher concentration of CBD which are the beneficial compounds in the plant.

Most CBD oil does not contain THC however, there are some manufacturers that add a tiny quantity of THC that is in accordance with the regulation so it will not trigger any known usual effects by THC.

The difference between hemp and marijuana

Although hemp and marijuana are always being confused as one or the other, they are different varieties of the Cannabis sativa species. 

The hemp and marijuana actually belong to different strains of the cannabis plant. However, the plant strains that are in marijuana have a high content of THC. 

Other differences that we have observed is that Marijuana is psychoactive while the hemp is not. 

Further, hemp is rich in cannabinoids such as CBD and only a small amount of THC which makes hemp the best source for CBD products such as vape E-Liquids and CBD Oil.

How CBD works

CBD is primary a cannabidiol that came from cannabis. Cannabis has been used as a medicine for a number of centuries. It is a plant which has 483 chemical compounds that can be used for a lot of purposes. 

First, we have to understand that CBD is a cannabinoid. It is one in a group of related chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors and the basic composition of cannabis. The human body, on the other hand, is brimming with cannabinoid receptors. 

The cannabinoid are receptors located throughout the body. This is a part of the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for various physiological processes such as the pain-sensation, mood, appetite, and memory. 

Now, when CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors, research suggests that it might decrease inflammation and can relieve pain and reduce anxiety.  

CBD is said to be a non-addictive and non-psychoactive compound, as we have already mentioned. It is generally acceptable as long as it is used within its safety regulations.

The OTC or over-the-counter CBD products must comply within the parameters stipulated on the rules of its distribution. The OTC CBD products must contain THC with a maximum amount of only up to .02% unlike that of 15 to 40% that is present in hemp.

The Possible Benefits of CBD

The purported benefits of CBD are presently being investigated through clinical experiments that are conducted at world-acclaimed and tested facilities. Scientists are searching for the possible efficacy of CBD in treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had reported that there is CBD may be useful for a lot of medical conditions.

A lot of evidence and testimonies came up that attest to the multiple benefits that can be taken from CBD. It has now become well-known due to these said benefits. This Cannabis-based treatment is accounted for the following:

CBD for Athletes

Physical trauma results from excessive training that athletes must undergo to optimize their performance. It may even lead to severe pain and injuries.

Traditional pain relievers have been found to have potential health risks. In the search for safer drugs that will alleviate the pain and to improve sports recovery led them to cannabidiol or CBD.  

We have already mentioned that CBD is a cannabinoid that is well-received by our bodies due to our excessive cannabinoid receptors. This only means that CBD can help in decreasing the pain. 

As of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)  has removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances in or out of competition. This qualifies CBD as a legal pain reliever for athletes. 

Gives Natural Calm 

CBD is reportedly a popular way of providing relaxation and calmness. The starting dose is 20mg of CBD however, it is advisable to have a doctor prescribe the right dosage. 

The CBD takes on the receptors in the endocannabinoid system and through the nervous system. This is the reason why it gives a soothing effect that soothes the mind without the side effects of the usually prescribed medications.

Reduces Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

The GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder is manifested through excessive and overly concerned about daily life without reasonable cause. 

For GAD, CBD has appeared in experiments to decrease the stress in animals such as rats. The subjects for the study were found to manifest signs of anxiety. However, more research still has to be done for CBD to qualify as an anxiety reducer for humans.

Helps in relaxing sleep

Understanding insomnia means the factors that cause this must also be understood to take off such a condition. However, some studies suggest that CBD had improved sleep in its various subjects. 

It was found out that a lot of people tried with 20mg of CBD which is divided into 3 doses a day can assist in having a good night’s sleep. 

For faster ingestion of CBD in our system, vaping is generally the most accepted form.

Other CBD-infused Products

cbd vape oil
CBD Vape Oil

 CBD Vape Oil E-Liquid

It has now been accepted how traditional smoking had caused irreversible health conditions that caused lives. Due to this, we have witnessed people turning their attention to vaping. 

The E-cigs or E-cigarettes have become the new trend as a safe alternative for harmful smoking. Vaping has paved the way for taking advantage of the benefits of cannabidiol. The CBD vape oil is no different than the usual vape liquid however, it is infused with cannabinoids. 

The ingredients for E-Liquids with CBD are, of course, cannabis oil and terpenes, with the prime ingredients Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

It is used with the usual vaping pen which makes it simple and handy. This can be used the way vaping is usually done. It comes in various levels of strengths and flavours to cater to the user’s preference. Our CBD Oil store offers a large collection of premium vape oil e-liquids to satisfy every vaper.

When the vapour is ingested, it goes straight to the lungs, which means that it does not have to go through the digestive system. As we have mentioned, vaping is the fastest way of taking CBD into the system which makes this the fastest device that can deliver fast CBD effect since it can quickly interact with the cannabinoid receptors. 

It should be noted that for CBD E-Liquids, the ratio recommended is 50/50 for the PG and VG. This blend is the most advisable for the right strength to be achieved.

cbd capsules
CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Capsule forms are acceptable to be practical and potent. It is just right that CBD is also available in capsule form. It just needs to be taken orally. 

The CBD Capsules have cannabidiol which is the natural product found in the cannabis plant. It is effective yet it does not give the psychoactive effect.

By taking the capsules through the mouth, the CBD will be absorbed through the digestive system first before it reaches the endocannabinoid system.

cbd spray
CBD Spray

 CBD Sprays

The CBD is also available in the form of sprays. This type of CBD that has been extracted and turned into an oil and then used as a spray. It can be taken by spraying it under the tongue.

The spray formula improves the absorption of CBD. The water-soluble compound takes off the nasty taste of CBD and therefore improved with a flavor that gives it a good taste.

The Best ways to take CBD

The best way that CBD oil can be taken are as follows:

  1. Through Ingestion
  2. By sublingual
  3. Through Topical
  4. By Inhalation

Through Ingestion

It is through ingestion which is the traditional way to take the CBD oil. It is through the mouth in the form of capsules or tablets. As we have mentioned, it will pass through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver which will distribute the active compounds to the bloodstream.

By Sublingual

When CBD is taken by Sublingual administration, CBD oil is held under the tongue for a period of 90 seconds. It is done this way to give time for the mucous membranes in the mouth to absorb the active ingredients. 

One advantage of taking CBD oil through sublingual is that through absorption, it will no longer pass through the digestive system and skips liver metabolization. This speeds up the compounds in getting to the bloodstream and which allows it to interact with the endocannabinoid system faster. 

Through Topical

When taking CBD oil through topical means, it is through application to the skin. It is usually in the form of creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and ointments.

The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin that can easily interact with the receptors that are on the surface which avoids the bloodstream.

This is ideal for those in need of relief for isolated pain or skin problems since it can directly be applied to the specified area.

By Inhalation or Vaping

CBD can be inhaled through a vaporizer. It heats the CBD oil which is enough to release the active compounds without the harmful effect of heating.

The CBD enters the lungs and goes directly which gets into the bloodstream faster and enters the circulation faster.  

Through inhaling, there is less amount of CBD that is lost in comparison to other methods. The CBD oil products that are taken through the inhalation method include the CBD E-Liquids.

This method is usually advisable for the adults. 

The business prospect of CBD Oil

At present, it is widely known that the amount of consumption for CBD oil is fast rising. This can be accounted for by the growing number of people who have been won over by the effectiveness of the product. 

As per the latest statistics in countries like in the UK, there is an approximate number of hundreds of thousands of CBD oil users who buy the product regularly. 

According to the reports, it is most likely that the worldwide market for CBD infused products will increase enormously from its present number in the current year, 2020. 

It is no wonder that this has become a fast-growing commodity in the market and has been foreseen to be worth over two billion dollars by the end of the year 2020.